Navigate to Appearance → Customize → Body → Breadcrumbs to turn on breadcrumbs, and styling options when turned on. Breadcrumbs will appear on your pages and blog posts to break down the navigation for your visitors.


  • Enable Breadcrumbs: this allows the use of the Breadcrumbs functionality.
<em>Enables the use of Breadcrumbs<em>
  • Positions: establish the position of the Breadcrumbs.
  • Breadcrumb Separator: sets the Breadcrumb separator you want to use.
<em>Position and Breadcrumbs Separator<em>
  • Text color: changes the color of the Breadcrumb.
  • Separator Color: changes the color of the Breadcrumb Separator.
  • Links Color: changes the color of the Breadcrumb links.
  • Link Hover: changes the color when the mouse is over a Breadcrumb link.
<em>Breadcrumbs Color settings<em>
  • Home item: sets the Home item to an icon or text.
  • Title/Translation for Homepage: set the text you want to display for your homepage Breadcrumb.
  • Translation for "404 Not Found": set the text you want to display when there is no page found.
  • Translation for "Search results for": set the text you want to display for the Search results for.
  • Posts Taxonomy: Sets the posts Taxonomy for the Breadcrumbs.
<em>Breadcrumbs Home item and translation settings<em>

Breadcrumbs Font

  • Font Family: sets the Font-Family of the Breadcrumbs.
  • Font Weight: sets the weights of the Breadcrumbs.
  • Font Style: sets the Font Style of the Breadcrumbs into Italic or Normal.
  • Text Transform: transforms the Breadcrumbs text into, uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, default, or none.
  • Font Size: changes the size of the Breadcrumb text. You can use Pixels, em, or percentage %/
  • Links Color: changes any link color located within your Sidebar.
  • Letter Spacing: Increases the space between the letters.
<em>Breadcrumbs Font settings<em>
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