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Photocrati 10
by Photocrati Media

Photocrati Theme
by Imagely

= V10.1.0 - 10.12.2022 =
* Changed: Grouped and moved some Customizer settings for better usability
* Fixed:   All images could be forced to width: 100% on mobile screens
* Fixed:   Breadcrumbs position setting wasn't always applied based on the Single Page Layout's breadcrumb position
* Fixed:   Checkbox inputs styling preventing check icons from appearing
* Fixed:   Customizer functionality could be broken when WooCommerce is active
* Fixed:   Full screen header logo and retina logo settings did not work with transparent headers
* Fixed:   Header Header Settings' 'Border Bottom Color' did not apply with "Stacked" styling
* Fixed:   Hiding the title page could not be applied to desktop devices
* Fixed:   In some circumstances only widgets displayed in the Customizer
* Fixed:   Main body font sizes were sometimes not applied based on the body Style setting
* Fixed:   Numerous PHP notices, warnings, and a failure when importing presets with PHP 7.4+
* Fixed:   PHP notices created by inc/customer/settings/header.php
* Fixed:   Random or background images may not display with PHP 8
* Fixed:   Side Panel options 'Custom Opening Button' and 'Opening Button Color' didn't always apply
* Fixed:   Some font colors could not be changed while using PHP 8.0+
* Fixed:   Theme could not previously be translated due to mixed gettext slugs

= v1.0.0 - 03.01.2019 =
* NEW:     Initial release


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