Migrating from Photocrati Pro 5.0.7 to Photocrati 10?

Photocrati 10 is a new theme; if you want to migrate your site to this theme, the recommendation is to start fresh and import the blog post only.

Take into consideration that is a new theme with better options and design, we are not trying to emulate the old designs or presets. Here is our suggested workflow if you still want to migrate the full content to Photocrati10:

  1. Create a full website backup.
  2. Optional - (staging site): Clone your site to a development site and work from there. This will vary according to your hosting provider, contact them, and check if they offer that service - Safer option.
  3. Install and activate Photocrati 10.
  4. Import styling and demo from the desired Photocrati 10 theme
    • You can import only the styling of the theme and skip the demo data.
    • Photocrati 10 doesn't have the same presets used on Photocrati Pro 5.0.7, but our developers are working on creating similar displays that we will be sharing soon.
  5. Optional - (staging site): Backup your development site and switch your domain to your development site.

If you want to migrate and older version of Photocrati (Legacy theme 4.3.9) to Photocrati 10, please contact a support agent first using this form: https://www.photocrati.com/contact/

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