Mobile Menu

Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header > Mobile Menu to style the mobile view of your site navigation.

  • Breakpoints: Choose the media query where you want to display the mobile menu.
Breakpoint setting
Available breakpoints
  • Height (px): You can adjust the location of the mobile menu taking into consideration the top of the page.
Height pixels Mobile menu
  • Mobile Menu Style: Sidebarm, Drop Down, and Full screen.
Drop down Mobile menu style.
  • Display menu text: it shows the text beside the menu icon.
  • Menu text: The text that you want to include.
Drop down menu text for mobile devices
  • Close Menu Text (available with the Dropdown style)
Dropdown style, includes an option to add a label to the close icon.
  • Hamburger Icon Class: Enter the full icon class. You can adjust the class that you will use as your hamburger menu on mobile devices.
  • Custom Hamburger Button: Once the menu is open, it will replace the hamburger icon with the one you choose here.
  • Custom Hamburger Button: Color. You can adjust the color of the hamburger icon used to open the mobile menu.
Setting use to adjus the class and icon used in the hamburger menu for mobile devices.
  • Drop Down Max Height (px): Add the height from which you want to display the scrollbar in the dropdown.
    Note: This option is available only on the Dropdown menu style.
Drop down menu height setting
Search option on mobile screenshot
  • Direction (sidebar style): adjust the location of the sidebar style menu on mobile devices.
Direction setting for the sidebar, right or left.
  • Displace (sidebar style): Displace the background underneath the overlay instead of covering the page with the sidebar menu.
Option to displace the sidebar
  • Close Menu Button: Makes the close button visible.
Enable the close menu button.
  • Close Menu Button Icon Class: You can adjust the CSS class being used by the close icon.
  • Close Menu Button Text: You can change the label used for the Close Button.
Settings use to change the CSS class for the Close button.
  • Dropdown Target: Chose to use an icon or the complete link to open sub-menus.
You can use  two different targets, icon or link
  • Mobile Menu Search: Enable the search option on mobile.
Search option on mobile
  • Mobile Menu Colors: Adjust the colors of the mobile menu, we have many options:
    • Close Button Background.
    • Background Color.
    • Borders Color.
    • Links Color.
    • Links Color Hover.
    • Dropdowns Menus: Background.
    • Searchbar Background.
    • Searchbar Color.
    • Search Border Color.
    • Searchbar Button Color.
    • Searchbar Button Color: Hover.
Different options and settings to adjust the color of the mobile menu.
  • Mobile Menu Fonts:
    • Font Family.
    • Font Style.
    • Text Transform.
    • Font Size.
    • Line Height.
    • Letter Spacing (px).
Different font families and settings for the mobile menu.
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