Slow Admin Panel – How Do I Speed Up My Site?

Is your site or admin panel running slowly?

While Photocrati performs very well on most servers, we're always looking for ways to make our theme faster. We've also communicated extensively with different hosts on what can be done to resolve a slow performing admin panel and site. Here are a few things to consider when addressing a slow admin panel or website:

  • How many plugins have you installed? A large number of plugins not only increases the chance of a plugin conflict on your site, it can drastically decrease your website performance. Use only plugins that you absolutely need.
  • Inactive plugins can still add to load times. If you are not using a plugin, deleting it completely will help to keep your website performance high.
  • Check your internet connection and browser cache. Both can influence the speed of your site and admin panel dramatically. Empty your cache, try another browser, another computer, and another internet connection. This will help you identify any local factors that may be impacting your browsing speed.
  • Is your hosting account on a shared server? Most affordable hosting plans utilize shared servers, which means you are sharing resources with a large number of other websites. Sometimes heavy traffic to or from another site on your server can affect the performance for all sites on that server. You might ask your hosting provider to look into this, or ask them to move you to a different server.
  • Do you have other sites on your hosting account? If you have another site on your hosting account that is generating a lot of server activity, either from heavy inbound or outbound traffic, or a poorly optimized database (another potential side effect of running too many plugins,) the performance for all sites on your account can be effected. Many hosts will apply throttling limitations in cases like this, which will limit the amount of requests all sites on your acount are allowed to make per hour. Read More here...
  • How old are the databases for your websites? See the resources listed below for more information on how database age can impact the performance of your hosting account.

*Most all shared servers use CPU throttling to control bandwidth. The more active calls to the MySQL database, the more likely your sever account will be throttled and cause your Admin panel to be slower and your site to be a bit slower. In this case you'll need to optimize your database to improve site performance:

As WordPress sites get older, their indexing and queries take longer to complete as the database gets larger. Here are some articles from BlueHost as an example that help with optimizing databases:

go in to the /tmp/mysql_slow_queries and scroll down to the bottom. You'll notice logs from today where you had slow queries.

One major influencing factor of 'cluttering' / indexing in a database is WordPress post/page revisions. WordPress by default will store several copies of revisions as you edit / create a page or post. To limit this and help optimize your database we suggest installing the plugin: WP-Optimize

This will help you optimize your database and in return provide a faster admin panel and site. You'll need to give it a few weeks to kick in, as your server needs time to update the change.


*We strongly suggest that before making any changes to your database, you seek help from a professional web developer or your hosting support. Always make a full backup of your site before making any major edits.

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