How Can I Reinstall the Photocrati Theme?

To go back a version or reinstall your site:

Completely reinstalling the Photocrati Theme requires more than removing the theme files from your server or re-uploading old theme files. You'll also need to remove the Photocrati database tables in your MySQL database. We strongly suggest having your hosting support remove these database tables for you.

Checklist to go back a version:

1) Create a FULL back-up of your site
2) Connect to your site via FTP and navigate to the wp-content/themes/photocrati-theme folder. Delete everything. (please review this Help Topic to learn how to refresh/re-upload files via FTP).
3) Upload everything to your wp-content/themes/photocrati-theme folder, from a copy of the older version of the theme.

*There is no need to remove database tables to go back a version, only to do a complete reinstall from scratch.

Checklist for a complete reinstall:

1) Create a FULL back-up of your site

2) Activate the WP Default Theme

3) Submit a ticket to your hosting support to remove the 'Photocrati-Theme' directory under /wp-content/themes/photocrati-theme , and then remove all database tables associated with the theme from your MySQL database. (These tables will have a wp_photocrati prefix in their titles.)

4) Reinstall the Photocrati Theme by following these instructions.

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