How to Convert Photocrati Galleries to NextGEN Gallery

To begin, you'll need Photocrati Pro 5.0.9 beta  installed and activated and NextGEN Gallery installed and active.

Note: These instructions only apply to Photocrati Pro 5.0.8. If you are upgrading to Photocrati 10, you need to install and activate Photocrati Pro 5.0.9 first, convert your legacy galleries to NextGEN Gallery, and then switch back to Photocrati 10.

*Update* As of WordPress v5.0 WordPress has included a new post and page editor interface called 'Gutenberg'. We have included a NextGEN Gallery block in our December 2018 update. Follow the steps below to access our Add Gallery Window. If you prefer to continue using the Classic Editor, follow the instructions below this video:


As of WordPress v5.0 you will need to install the Classic Editor plugin to continue editing your posts and pages the way you have been used to, following the instructions below. If you'd like to use the new Gutenberg editor, follow the instructions above in the video to learn how to locate our NextGEN Gallery block, and access our Add Gallery Window.


Search & Install

Navigate to Plugins > Add New, search 'NextGEN Gallery'...

Click 'Install Now', and Activate...

IMPORT Photocrati Galleries to NextGEN

To import your old Photocrati Galleries and re-create them as new NextGEN Pro galleries, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Gallery > Add New Images/Galleries & select the tab 'Import Photocrati Gallery'
  2. Select the galleries you wish to import and click 'Import'. When the progress bar reaches 100% Complete! Click Gallery > 'Manage Galleries' to manage your galleries...
  3. After clicking on 'Manage Galleries' you may now edit thumbnails, rotate images, resize images + more 🙂

  4. Once you have all of your galleries imported, go back to your pages and posts and replace the old Photocrati galleries with your new NextGEN galleries!

Click Here for More Help With Managing Your Galleries

*If you're running Ecommerce on your site, you will need to re-create your pricelists. For help on that follow this guide: How to Create a Pricelist 

More help on Ecommerce set up can be found here: NextGEN Pro Ecommerce

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