Header Media

A screenshot showing the location of the Header Media link.

Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header > Header Media to set your (optional) header background image or video.

Header Video

You can include a background video for your header by uploading a *.mp4 file or using a link to YouTube. Note: the video file should be less than 8MB.

How to setup a header video, it shows the video on the left side and the header area with that same video background

You can also include a Youtube URL

Background Media Header with a video using a Youtube URL

Header Image

Change the background used for the site's header. You have the option to include more than one image. Note: Suggested dimension 2000 by 1200 pixels.

Media header with a fixed image

You can add more than one image as a background and use the "Randomize uploaded headers" option.

You have some extra settings if you are going to use an image

  1. Overlay Color: You can choose an overlay color and opacity.
  2. Position: Default, Top left, Top Center, Top Right, Center Left, Center Center, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, Bottom Right.
  3. Attachment: Default, Scroll, Fixed.
  4. Repeat: Default, no-repeat, repeat, repeat-x, repeat-y.
  5. Size: Default, auto, cover, contain
The image shows the Randomize uploaded header options, showing a nice blue sky with stars and a tent. Also it shows each item of the extra settings available for that image.

Note: we used the header style "vertical" for these screenshots. More information in https://members.photocrati.com/main-header-settings/

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