How Can I Remove Spam Comments On My Blog?

There is nothing more annoying than people who spend their time spamming other sites. Thank goodness for anti-spam plugins!

To make it easy for everyone, WordPress already has an Anti-Spam plugin pre-installed for you. All you need to do is Activate through the Dashboard under the Plugins Tab. It is called 'Askimet'.

One more step and you're set and secure with Anti-Spam for your blog. Go to and sign up for a FREE account. After you have filled in all your information and have signed up - they will give you an API Key - do not share this API with anyone, it's like a password. Read more about the API Key here. This Key is needed to help your Anti-Spam work properly.

After inserting your API Key where directed by the plugin prompts, you're set! Nothing more for you to do, other than enjoy the freedom from being bombarded by SPAM! 🙂

While we like Akismet, there are certainly other options for Anti-Spam plugins. From your Dashboard, you can head to Plugins > Add New, and enter "anti-spam" as your keywords - there are a ton of great plugins to choose from.


NOTE: We do not provide support for Akismet or any other plugin. As there are tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins, it is always best to contact plugin developers directly for precise instructions and support.

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