Theme Installed With Missing Stylesheet

The error you are receiving indicates that there was a separation of files when first installed which is common when using a Mac and your browser unpacked the theme automatically and you likely uploaded the theme unzipped through your WordPress Dashboard. Or the error is a result from  installing via FTP from an incomplete .zip extraction.

If you were to right-click on your site and select 'view page source' the stylesheet URL might look something like:

…themes/photocrati-theme/photocrati-theme… it should only show: …themes/photocrati-theme...

The most successful solution is to delete the theme folder completely and reinstall through the Dashboard.

We recommend trying 1 or both of these actions:

1) Open up your site via FTP and look in your wp-content/themes directory and ensure that the only folders and files are:
a) Default
b) Classic
c) index.php

Or - if you have WordPress 3.0 installed...

a) Twenty Ten

b) index.php

Or - if you have upgraded to WordPress 3.0...

a) Default

b) Classic

c) Twenty Ten

d) index.php

and try once more to upload your Photocrati Supertheme as a .zip file (do not re-zip the theme, you're likely to have a successful result if you re-download the theme from our member area as a .zip) through the Dashboard (Appearance >> Add new Theme >> upload).

If this still does not work, I would start from scratch.

2) Remove your WordPress Installation, and reinstall fresh. New MySQL Database and all.

If even after this, you still are unable to install your Supertheme correctly I would contact your server host tech support.

Errors will pop up sometimes when a host is using the latest versions of PHP and has "error reporting" turned on.

This is because for some reason WordPress is programmed to throw these errors because they are trying to be as backwards compatible as they can be with older version of PHP. The solution for users with this error is to edit the php.ini file in the root of their site. See this forum post at the bottom:

*If this Help Topic did not help resolve your error, please try this Help Topic

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