ECommerce Galleries Not Working? Start Here

The documentation below refers to an older legacy version of the Photocrati Theme. We recommend that you upgrade to Photocrati Pro and enjoy our new Ecommerce system NextGEN Gallery with NextGEN Pro.

Here is a list of our most common support queries for ecommerce  - 95% of all issues we see can be solved with the simple solutions below.


  • My shopping cart is blank! See #1 or #2.
  • My shopping cart is not totaling an amount! See #1 or #2.
  • When click on my cart, I'm getting "Please fill in all fields"! See #3.
  • My "Add to Cart" button is opening on a separate page, not a pop-up window. See #3.
  • Template-cart.php error on line 493 0r line 568. See #4.
  • Clicking on Shopping Cart Button goes Directly to Paypal. See #5


If you are having any ecommerce problems, you should run through each of these - like a troubleshooting checklist.

1) You've included currency symbols ($) in your prices. Go to Theme Options > Gallery Settings. Where you set prices, make sure no currency symbols are used - only numbers and no symbols are used in the boxes.

2) "Shopping Cart Template" is not selected for your shopping cart page. Go to Theme Options > eCommerce Settings. Scroll down to see your "Shopping Cart Title." Go to your page that you have set for your shopping cart, under Page > Edit. Make sure that the page template ‘Shopping Cart’ is set under the ‘Attributes’ box > Update page.

3) "Shopping Cart Template" is selected as the page template for your galleries. Click PAGES. Click the name of a page with an ecommerce gallery. On the right under the Attributes box, make sure that the page template is set to Default, not Shopping Cart. Update your page.

4) Template-cart.php error on line 493! This error is actually more involved. The error is server side and will need to be resolved by your server host tech support. Your server tech will need to ensure that register_globals is set to OFF in php.ini. If you know how to do this yourself, locate where the php.ini file is stored and include this line: register_globals = 0

5) Clicking Shopping Cart Button goes directly to Paypal Checkout site. Make sure you have not selected the shopping cart template as your page template for your gallery.  By changing the page template to the default template it should work.

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