How to Install WordPress

Note: You must set up your domain and web hosting first - while we do prefer SiteGround or BlueHost, each host will have its own installation system. For instructions for your specific host, please contact your hosting support directly.

The instructions below are not for every hosting situation, but are quite common. You can also check out's Famous 5-Minute Installation instructions.

1) Log in to your the CPanel or administrative area for your website

2) If you are using a hosting service that uses a CPanel, scroll down until you see Software/Services and click on “WordPress.”

3) Follow the brief and simple instruction on the WordPress installation page and click "Install."

4) Once the installation process is complete, your host will typically provide you with a username and password as well as the address for logging in to your WordPress site.

Congratulations! You’ve now installed WordPress. We suggest that you immediate adjust some of the basic WordPress settings.


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