Broken Albums & Galleries in Album Don’t Link

The documentation below refers to an older legacy version of the Photocrati Theme. We recommend that you upgrade to Photocrati Pro and enjoy our new gallery system NextGEN Gallery with NextGEN Pro.

I've added galleries to an Album but when I click on a gallery it doesn't take me anywhere.


A) Change your permalinks to 'Post Name'. This can be done under Settings >> Permalinks > select 'Post Name' and save changes. If 'Post Name' is already selected, choose any other option, save changes, then change back to 'Post Name' and save changes again.

B) Ensure your galleries and album are each on their own pages. 

Albums = a collection of galleries

Galleries = a collection of images.

To create an Album, you'll need to:

1) Create each gallery on it's own individual page

2) Then go back to your main 'Galleries' page >> Click the add gallery button, and choose 'Album'. A list of your previously created galleries will appear where you can select all or just a few to include in your album for that page.

3) Click save changes, and then update/publish and you're done!

So, to clarify again, all of your galleries need to be on their own page first. Then also on its own page, would be your album.

Before you begin again, be sure to delete all of the galleries you created on your album page (delete just the gallery under the text edit box, not necessarily the page). This way you can avoid duplicate galleries.

If you find all these pages of galleries to be cluttering your navigation menu and you'd like to hide those page links, create a custom menu.

To review the steps to create an Album, follow this tutorial.

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